What makes Camp Langston different?

We hope learning a bit more about our story will help confirm your decision to join us. Our HistoryWhy Camp Langston

The Camp Langston Mission

The mission of Camp Langston is to enrich the emotional, physical and social life of teenagers and children in a safe and happy environment. We strive to help campers experience life to its fullest,  emphasizing character, commitment, caring, respect, friendship and generosity. Each camper should come away with tangible evidence of having succeeded in one or more activities, as well as intangible feelings on independence, self-worth and self-confidence.

A little bit of History

Michael Langston

Camp Langston was started as a gradfather’s loving full-fillment of his grandson’s dream. Jack Langston Sr. and his wife, known to generations of campers as Daddy and Mama Jack lived in Mt. Pleasant, Texas on the Jack Langston ranch. It was a boy’s paradise, thousands of acres, wild animals, fishing ponds and horses. Michael Langston, Daddy and Mama Jack’s only grandson loved to come out on holidays and over the summer to spend time with his grandparents and exploring the ranch. Michael was a well-liked youngster and used to bring a number of close friends to the ranch with him. The boys’ spent their days doing what boys do, hiking and tracking, riding horses and staying up late around campfires. One fall day, Michael who had always been an active child didn’t feel well. Within a short time he passed away due to complications from the polio virus. The spring, Michael’s friends were after Daddy and Mama Jack to come on down to the ranch to spend the summer, remembering Michael the best way they knew how; by doing all the things he loved to do. That’s how Camp Langston was born in the summer of 1951.

How we got started

That’s how Camp Langston was born in the summer of 1951. Camp management soon passed to a second generation and under the direction of Jack Langston Jr. and his wife ,camp soon flourished and took off. Known as Edy to countless number of campers, Mrs. Jack Langston, soon became the backbone of the camp. Cabins were built, a new dining hall, a camp store ( known as the PX for Post Exchange) and a rec hall, for campers to spend “social time together” at. Jack Jr., always used to say that camp was a country place, not a country club.  Never a truer statement was made, camp was all about exploring the outside, riding horses, making friends and getting a little dirty. In 2006 camp passed into the hands of a third generation under the management of Edy and Jack’s daughter Melody and her husband Phil Paul. Phil had a unique vision for camp and soon renovations to the principal buildings were being made and new activities were being improved. Camp has continued to grow and flourish all this time and has now passed to a fourth generation that continues to build on that one boy’s dream of a special place to have fun, spend time with his friends and have adventures.

Why Camp Langston

For sixty-five summers Camp Langston has opened its gates to hundreds of campers from the Dallas/ Fort Worth area as well as from Houston, Austin, San Antonio and beyond. Daddy Jack’s original mission was to create a country place for kids from the city to come and explore the out of doors. Here we are sixty-five years later and we think we’re doing a pretty good job of making sure that original mission still stands today.

Here are a few reasons why you should consider Camp Langston:


Camp Langston is one of the most affordable summer camps in Texas, offering a quality program of activities, a well trained staff and plenty of places to stretch out and explore. We’re not a country club, our cabins are not air-conditioned and our bath-houses are centrally located. However our facilities are unique, provide that south-west cowboy vibe we’re going for. The air conditioned rec hall or covered pool area provides a cool place for campers on the hottest days.


We try to keep our cabin ratios 1-6 and activity ratios low in order to provide your child with the personal attention and supervision that they need to excel and thrive at camp. Our activities and programs emphasise fun for the sake of fun, building and improving skills and making friends through shared experiences.


We value constructive parent and camper feedback and are eager to hear about your experiences, concerns and commendations. If you are within driving distance and would like to schedule a tour of the camp and speak with the director please send us an email or give us a phone call (903) 572-5935.

The Camp Langston Staff

Each summer Camp Langston strives to put together the best staff possible. Young adults who believe in helping campers have fun, make freindships that last and explore their own limits as they try out new adventures. Suceeding in activities, whether it is getting on a horse for the first time or jumping from the rope swing, becoming independent, self-confident and developing character are all things are staff want to help your camper with. Role models and mentors is what we look for in fulfilling our mission.

Our Staff and Leadership

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