Camp Leadership and Staff

Camp Langston is dedicated to bringing together the best staff possible each season. Hiring & TrainingAccreditation

Leadership and Experience

Steve Townley is the current director of Camp Langston as well as one of its owners. Steve started at Camp Langston as a counsellor and lifeguard in 1985. He eventually moved up the ladder at Camp Langston and eventually served as co-director with Edy Langston for nearly ten years, while Edy ran the year round business side of camp Steve ran the seasonal day-to-day operation during the summer season. During the rest of the year Steve was a professional youth worker and educator.

Steve eventually moved on to serve as year round director of Frontier Lodge Summer Camp in Quebec Canada . Steve has been an active member of Christian Camping International-Canada and was chairman of the Quebec branch for a many years, he led Frontier Lodge into becoming certified by the Quebec Camping Association/Canadian Camping Association.

Steve is an American Camping Association certified camp director, holds an advanced degree in education and is a certified Texas educator.

In 2016 Steve became part of the ownership team of Camp Langston and took on the role of Camp Director. Steve brings over 30 years of camping experience back with him to Camp Langston as well as a sincere love for youth, children and  summer camping.

Staff Hiring and Training

Camp Langston is dedicated to bringing together the best staff possible each summer season. Years of experience have taught us that the summer staff make or break the summer. We could have all the bell and whistles any camp could ask for but if we didn’t have the right staff, it wouldn’t make a difference.

Each year we are looking for university students who fit a specific profile, we’re looking for world changers and role models. These young adults should exhibit an interest in working with youth and children, maturity, integrity and a willingness to invest their best for their campers. Our staff become like family and many return year after year.

Staff go through an application process that includes background checks, written references and a personal interview.

Each summer we host a mandatory staff training week. During this week staff members learn about emergency procedures, how to work with homesick campers, anxious parents, leading activities, how to sing and do skits, age group characteristics, safe contact, what to do about bullies and many other topics to help them better meet the needs of their campers.

Our goal is a 1 to 6 cabin ratio or better so that each camper gets the personal attention that they need.

Safety and Accreditation

Every summer camp in Texas, Camp Langston included, goes through a rigorous annual inspection and licensing process through the State Health Department in order to operate as a summer camp.

This process ensures the meeting of uniform standards of safety in staffing, facilities, programming and food service.

Camp Langston has met or exceeded those standards and is a licensed summer camp.

However, that is not always enough.

The American Camping Association is the leading organization of summer camps in the United States and beyond setting the industry standard for what a summer camp should be. Membership in this organization is predicated upon the voluntary following of an additional set of standards for each member camp.

While not currently a member of the ACA, with the advent of Steve Townley as our new director in 2016, membership and full accreditation in the ACA in addition to our own rigorous state of Texas licensing is our goal.

Medical Care

Camp Langston has a fully functioning infirmary staffed by a registered nurse during the camping season. In addition a number of staff are trained in first aid and advanced first aid.

In case of a major emergency, ambulance response is ten minutes or less from the East Texas Medical Center located in Mt. Pleasant.

For non-emergency medical care the camp also retains the service of a local doctor and dentist.

All campers are required to have a medical form on file.

On registration day every parent will have the opportunity to visit with the camp nurse, share any concerns and check in any medications (all medications must be checked in with the nurse).  All campers will have a brief health check on registration day as well, this includes a “how are you feeling” and temperature check.

The nurse is your partner and will call you if any medical concerns come up, if your child needs to stay overnight in the infirmary or in case of any needed clarifications. You may call and speak with the nurse at any time.

Nutrition and Meals

Jack Jr. always used to say “take what you want but eat all that you take”.  

At Camp Langston we know that food is always a big concern for campers and parents alike, we know all the jokes about camp food. However, here’s the truth, campers love our food. It is the amazed parent who may occasionally get a letter home from camp that says, “ you were wrong, the food here is great” or in the ocassional comic situation “you were wrong, the food here is even better than yours”.

We know that campers have preferences, we know that some eat a little more or a little less than others, we strive to serve a well balanced, kid-friendly meal with several options to meet the tastes and nutritional needs of our campers.  Fresh fruit is available throughout the day for those campers who need to ocassional pick-me-up.

If your camper has special dietary needs such as gluten-free, dairy-free or vegetarian diets please list these on your medical forms in addition it would be a good idea to call or email our camp director, Steve Townley.

All food allergies should be listed on your camper’s medical form as well as spoken about with the nurse on registration day.