Camper Packing List

Here is a list of the required pack items for each camper Print List

Packing List

Campers should pack their items in a trunk (no higher than) plastic tub or duffle bags. All items of clothing should be clearly labeled on the collar tag or waste of the shirt or pant, other items should likewise be labled.

For campers staying a week or more, laundry services are provided free of charge. Laundry is collected on Saturday morning and returned either Sunday night or Monday morning.

Swim wear should provide complete coverage, fasten securely and be designed for active wear. We encourage female campers to wear a one-piece swim suit, however two-pieces are allowed. Triangle bikini tops and bottoms that tie are prohibited as these are not designed for active wear ( we don’t want things following off during a tube ride or rope jump).

Closed-toe shoes are needed for all land activities, and lake shoes are recommended for our lake activities. Shoes or boots with a heel are needed for horseback riding and while we provide riding helmets if you have your own you are encouraged to bring it.

Keep in mind that camp is an active environment and clothes that are too tight or too loose could interfere with your camper’s safety or enjoyment of the activity.

Staff reserves the right to ask campers to change clothes or put on additional clothing if deemed not appropriate for the activity or environment.

Download Packing List

Print Packing List

Download and print your packing list. We hope this makes it easier for you to remember everything you’ll have to bring.

Laundry and Clothing

Please note that there are no laundry facilities at camp for campers (laundry for campers staying more than one week will be done for them over each weekend- at no cost). Please be sure to send enough clothing for your child’s entire stay at camp. The following numbers are just suggestions. You know what your child’s clothing needs are. Please mark all belongings clearly with the Camper’s Name!! We suggest that you use a permanent marker on the label of all items. We cannot take responsibility for lost clothing articles, however we try and empty the lost and found daily. We strongly encourage you to check out the lost and found table when you pick up your child on the last day.