While at Camp Langston

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While at Camp

Parent’s we want your camper’s stay at Camp Langston to be one of the most eventful and memorable times of their lives, we want them to make life-long friends, to have a lot of fun and to try new things.  In order to help you prepare for camp, we’ve included a few more details about camp life. However, we know that you may have many more questions, if you don’t find your answer here or if you don’t find your question here. Please email or call us, we’ll be happy to help you out.


At Camp Langston we prefer that your camper be unplugged. After all they are coming to camp to have new adventures and experiences and an internet enabled phone in their hands will interfere with those experiences.

However, we also know that you want to keep in touch with your child. So here’s the compromise.

We’ll take up their phone at registration. Each day beginning with Monday, we’ll provide two opportunities (one in the afternoon and one in the evening) for your camper to have their phone back, at that time they can call you, catch up on their email and check in with the world. You’ll need to make sure your child’s phone or case has their name on it.

Failure to check in the phone may result in its confiscation and storage until the end of your camper’s stay.

If you need to call and speak with your camper’s counsellor or another staff member. Call our camp phone. Occasionally if we think your camper may be homesick or has had a tough day we may call you- don’t be alarmed, we want you to be informed and may arrange a special call from your camper for a pep-talk.

If you are not sending your child with a cellular phone and would still like to speak with them we would encourage you to call us in the morning and schedule a time during the day to speak with your child ( normally after dinner works well).

The Post Exchange

The PX is the camp store. On registration day each child has a PX account created in which parents deposit funds. What a child spends is deducted from the account and any remaining balance is returned at the end of their stay.

The PX serves a variety of snacks and drinks everything from Pepsi and Coke to Snickers and Nerds ( healthier fruit snack options are available from the dining hall).  A spending limit of six dollars a day is put on each camper’s account for concessions.

The PX also sells various camp souvenirs and shirts.

If your child has forgotten something or runs out of something ( toothpaste, deodorant, shampoo) while at camp, they may add the needed item to the town shopping list and it will be purchased and picked up for them.

Mail and Packages

Mail at camp is a pretty big thing, in fact it’s HUGE. We encourage parents to write their campers. We’ll encourage, but not force, your campers to write you back.

Our mailing address is:

50 Co Rd 3227
Mt Pleasant, TX 75455

We’ll also deliver email to your camper. Our email address is info@camp-langston.com. Please make sure you enter your camper’s first and last name in the subject line of the email.

Campers love packages. If you want to send a package keep in mind that your camper may want to share with his or her bunkmates- so be sure to send enough for the bunk. If you do send food, please make sure to send it in re-sealable packages to help keep the critters out.