Whether it was doing arts and crafts, hanging out with friendsĀ or buying a Triple X when we had the fountain drinks, since the early days of camp the PX has been the hub of camp life. The PX has been undergoing some renovations the past few months both inside and out.
From the back, looking toward the pool there is a new porch and a new log look, with larger windows allowing for a better breeze through the building.On the inside you’ll notice new log walls, and a fresh clean look as well as new bar stools at the windows looking out on the campground.
We’re pretty sure that with all the changes, the PX will continue to be the hub of camp life.

The Old Girls Bathroom

While the PX was getting a facelift the old girls bathroom was also being redone, with new venting, new siding and a cohesive “log” look like the rest of camp, our two newly renovated girl’s bathrooms will certainly be a remarked on improvement for this upcoming summer.

Don’t worry, we didn’t forget about the boys

With all the renovations being done on the girl’s side of camp, it may seem that we have forgotten the boys. Never fear. Lakeside, Moosehead and Silver Spur are being enlarged and the roof lifted up to provide more space for the boys as well as better air flow. We’ve provided a few pictures of the first stages of the renovations and a picture of what the final result will look like.
The Longhorn cabin is also having some work done, but we’ll save that for another day.